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TvdZ Real Estate Services (TRES) is a brokerage company based in Davao City, Philippines that is able to assist its clients in many languages. Among these are English, Spanish, Filipino, Cebuano, German, Dutch and Frisian. The company is established to serve its clients in their property investments in the Philippines with focus on accuracy and efficiency. Primarily, the prospect clients are expatriates, Filipinos married to foreigners, and overseas Filipinos.


The company is accredited by top-tier developers in the country with solid track record in the field of real estate. It specializes in luxury and high-end condominiums, apartments and subdivision projects which are of superior quality and offer outstanding services. These projects are systematically qualified to ensure that the best is offered to its clients. 

TRES is licensed by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) since 2015 and is an advocate of the Republic Act 9646, which regulates the practice of real estate service in the Philippines. Hence, it practices ethical standards to perform a high level of professionalism in the real estate business. 

Teresa van der Zee, M.A., REB, 
Founder and Head Broker

TvdZ Real Estate Services

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