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Anvaya Cove is Ayala Land Premier’s first venture in leisure development.  Its unique “mountains meet the sea” topography gives it the features of both a mountain retreat and a seaside resort.


A seaside residential community like no other, Anvaya Cove encompasses 420 hectares, from a 3.5 kilometer coastline to a peak elevation of over 130 meters above sea level. The development offers neighborhoods with distinctive environments set against stunning views of the mountains of the Bataan range and the waters of Subic Bay.


Careful planning has gone into keeping the natural lay of the land – splendid panoramas, open expanses, wetlands teeming with life, abundant forests -seamlessly transitioning into the architectural guidelines of the development. The homes and other structures are woven into the terrain using the airy and inviting Asian Tropical design aesthetic done in a palette of soft, earthy tones. Rolling asphalt roads and low-impact pedestrian paths preserve the natural beauty of the site. These verdant swathes of land encourage family bonding to flow from indoors to outdoors and easily into the activities and discoveries of the Anvaya Cove Beach & Nature Club found at its center.

Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan
Anvaya Cove_Morong, Bataan




Anvaya Cove offer neighborhoods with distinct environments set against stunning views of the mountains of the Bataan range and the waters of Subic Bay.



At the Southernmost part of Anvaya Cove, a scenic arrangement of natural living spaces open up to generous landscapes and private courtyards. Nestled within an 11 hectare expanse, South Coast is a dynamic neighborhood of 91 lots measuring 496 sqm to 1,246 sqm.


South Coast is the first neighborhood in Anvaya Cove to feature a courtyard concept. Residential lots cluster around a shared green space – a perfect setting for intimate encounters with your family.


Project Summary:

Terrain                          Rolling Terrain

Gross land area           11 hectares 

Lot size range              496 sqm to 1,242 sqm

Average lot size           665 sqm

Total number of lots   91

Density                          8 lots per hectare


Lot Classifications:

Leisure                           Basic lots within the neighborhood

Courtyard                      Inner lots fronting a courtyard

Greenview                     Lots that feature views of a neighboring park or other open                                              spaces

Courtyard Greenview       Inner lots fronting a courtyard that feature views of a                                                          neighborhood park or other open spaces

Horizon                          Lots with long views of the sea

Courtyard Horizon       Inner lots fronting a courtyard with long views of the sea





















At the Seascape Ridge, more than 85% of the neighborhood is devoted to open spaces and greenery so you can revel in its natural features – an expanse of green at the center complemented by landscaped gardens and natural footpaths for each corner home.


Fourteen quads are spread out across 4.5 hectares maintaining wide open spaces, with quads approximately 20 meters away from each other. The quads and their landscaping blend effortlessly with the existing design of Anvaya Cove, yet are distinctive enough to provide a sense of community. Enjoy convenience parking – two slots for each corner home – apart from the designated parking area for guests.


Seascape Ridge units provide all the privacy and comfort of a home, in a prime elevated location. Each unit, designed in the open and airy Tropical Asian architecture, extends the beauty of Anvaya Cove seamlessly inside and out. Every detail is laid out to encourage family bonding with more room for kids to enjoy their summers in the magnificent outdoors. And there’s no need to worry about the upkeep – Ayala Property Management Corporation is on the job to handle grounds maintenance and administration.


Seascape Ridge is all about providing choices – there are options to buy more than a single corner home or to even own an entire leisure quad for your extended family. A warm and welcoming vacation house with the conveniences and security of condominium living – the ideal second home for clients of all nationalities.




The Seascape Ridge is a 4.6 hectare masterplanned community with a tropical Asian-inspired architecture. They are composed of 14 quads with a total of 56 corner units, ready to move-in. Structured under a condominium set-up and managed by Ayala Property Management Corp., Seascape Ridge offers hassle-free planning & construction and worry-free ownership for all nationalities in search of their seaside leisure getaway.


ELEVATION: 85 to 105 meters above sea level

TOTAL NUMBER OF UNITS: 20 units for Phase A



The Seabreeze Verandas at Anvaya Cove is a low-rise condominium product of Ayala Land Premier’s signature leisure community. The Verandas offer thoughtfully-designed, ready-to-move-in units fro convenient and hassle-free living. located at the highest ridge of Anvaya Cove, 120 meters above sea level, the Sea Breeze Verandas affords panoramic views of the mountains and the Sea.

Sprawled across 4 hectares, there will be 5 low-rise buildings varying from 4 to 6 stories. Exclusive amenities and shared parking will be provided for all unit owners.



Located at the highest ridge of Anvaya Cove (120 meters above sea level), the Seabreeze Verandas offers views of Illingin Cove, West Philippine Sea, and the Bataan and Zambales Mountain Ranges. 60 to 70% of the property will be dedicated to open space and spacious verandas provide for a private outdoor respite while unit owners take in the views surrounding the building. Amenities include landscaped gardens and greenery, and a swimming pool. Common areas and grounds maintenance to be handled by Ayala Property Management Corporation.




At the Anvaya Cove Beach and Nature Club, throw yourself into the thick of things or wade slowly into a soothing day. You know you've found a treasure trove when family encounters with nature are a tradition and you've given our kids wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

Main Pavilion:
- Welcome Pavilion
- Tennis Court
- Bamboo Café
- Sambali Lounge
- Function Rooms
- Game Room, Library Lounge,
- Convenience Shop, and Clinic
- Lookout Tower and Tower Bar
- Seahorse Kiddie Village

Recreational Beach Area:
- Pawikan Bar and Grille
- Water Sports Pavilion
- Sunset Bar
- Bonfire Area

Great Lawn and Lagoon

The Veda Spa

The Pools at Anvaya
- Infinity Pool
- Lounge Pool
- Lap Pool

- Garden Rooms
- Garden Terrace
- Lagoon Terrace
- Anvaya Suite

Nature Camp:
(Developer Owned Facility)
- Fitness Trail
- Kiddie Trail
- Kiddie Ziplines
- Adventure Trail
- Magma Trail
- Full Ziplines and Adventure Tower


The Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Club is an exclusive, non-profit membership club featuring an 18- hole all-weather golf course, a world-class golf club and an extensive sports complex—all delivered in the Ayala Land Premier tradition of excellence.

At the Anvaya Cove Golf and Sports Club, sports, recreation, and family bonding intertwine in a lush, seaside setting. The Club consists of extensive sports facilities, a pool complex, and elegant yet relaxed dining, lounging and social spaces.

The golf course aims to be as environmentally sustainable as possible by minimizing 
earth works, saving mature trees, landscaping with endemic flora and designing the fairways and tees so that the course feels as if “it has always been there”.

The approximately 82 hectare, 18-hole all-weather, 7,200 yard, par 72 championship golf course meanders across the Anvaya Cove development and promises to 
enthrall players of all levels.

MOUNTAIN NINE (Front 9 – Holes 1 to 9)
The front nine course is situated at or near the peaks and ridges of the development providing elevated vistas of the sea, the Zambales and Bataan mountain ranges and it also showcases the different 
neighborhoods in Anvaya.

Seaside Nine (Back 9 – Holes 10 to 18)
The layout and design of this course 
is reminiscent of popular seaside courses. It combines panoramic sea views amidst nature preserves providing a truly unique golfing experience.

The golf course is designed for various skill levels. Each hole will have 4 tee placements. This will allow all members of the family to learn and enjoy the sport:

- RED TEE (Ladies)
- WHITE (Beginners and novice players)
- BLUE (Experienced golfers)
- GOLD (Pro Tee

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